Siril mit den Jugendlichen im Camp

Here are some words from Siril (she is from Norway and wants to live in Romania as a Missionary; she was staff for the first time in the camps in Romania):

We just finished 3 good weeks with kids camps in Prod. I believe these camps are important and special times for many of the children, as well as for us staff. I come from Norway, and joined these camps as a start of a long-term stay in Romania. There were several things that were new to me, and a new language around me, but even if it was a bit hard it was still a great and valuable experience.

It was both a wonderful and heart breaking experience to get to know the beautiful children and teenagers, and at the same time realize how hard some of their backgrounds and homes are. So many of them come from situations that no child should even need to know about, and many of them are so hurt and broken. But at the same time it’s touching to see how much love they have, how open they are, and with how much joy they pray and worship God.

Even if they are each just there for 5 days, I believe that God can use those days to touch their lives. They get a touch of his love, they learn more about him, they have Christian fellowship, they get attention from adults, and they get a bigger perspective. It is also an important socializing as we bring together different groups from the Romanian society that don’t usually interact so much, and model respect and value to them.

I pray that God will keep on working in the life’s of each child and teenager that came to

Siril mit den Jugendlichen aus Copsa 1
Siril mit den Jugendlichen aus Copsa 1

the camps, and that his presence, his hope and his love will abide in their hearts.

Siril ist aus Norwegen, sie wohnt seit August in Copsa Mare in einer Roma Familie. Sie unterstützt unsere Arbeit in den Dörfern.

  • Sie lehrte Jugendliche das Gitarre- und Keybordspielen
  • Sie gibt regelmäßig Englisch und Musikunterricht sowie Nachhilfeunterricht für die Schule. (Viele der Romakinder tun sich sehr schwer, zu lernen und sich zu konzentrieren! )
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